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Introducing my new community......

I love to cook, however, I come up with spur of the moment meals that I have no clue what I put into them when asked to make them again. I don't measure or follow recipes often, and tend to utiliize whatever is in the cupboards and refrigerator. I figured it would be a great place to organize these creations, share them with others, and collect some new ideas. Please feel welcome to join and have some fun.

All I ask is put a description of the dish and then put the recipe behind an Lj-cut. I will use the memories section to organize recipes for easy location later. This sounds like fun to me.

Make sure to check the friend's section as several other Lj-Cooking Journals are there with lots of yummy recipes. Some may be posted in the memories portion but keep an eye out for any luscious ones we would might like to try. The post here ..(coming soon).. has a listing of other Lj Cooking Journals you can use/search to fill out your menu needs.